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Revival Retreat – The Online Journey For A Flourishing Life In Your Neurodiverse Relationship

7 December 2022 - 7 December 2023


‘Always open’ virtual retreat – professional coaching – empowering resources- community – live events – hope!

Join me and Coach Heather Parks in the (virtual) Revival Retreat forest for a fresh and unique approach to revive yourself and flourish in your neurodiverse relationship. It’s inspired by our own experiences of what we needed when we were struggling most in our neurodiverse relationships and that path and steps that have supported our recovery.

You can experience change in less than 10 days and ‘life-changing’ in a matter of weeks!

Revival Retreat is an ‘always open’ virtual retreat to revive yourself and resolve challenges in your neurodiverse relationship. It’s a small group vibe but not like a cohort all doing exactly the same thing – the ‘same thing’ they’re doing is reviving themselves and navigating their neurodiverse relationship. There’s no prescribed path through the content or particular issue you have to focus on. We meet you where you are in your journey, with whatever’s most challenging for you right now, and support you from there. Revival Retreat members are at different steps of their journey, focusing on whatever is relevant for them right now.

There’s no waiting list and you can join anytime.

It’s an epic, life-changing combination of accredited, award-winning coaching and new perspectives, tools and strategies, to support you learning and practicing new ways, growing in confidence and keeping moving forwards to flourishing – personally, in your relationship and your life. As you work through the steps you’ll access new content and can also see everything from the steps behind you. It includes self-guided resources covering 20 ‘landmarks’ that begin with a focus on Wellbeing, Defence Mode, Boundaries and Trust. Plus all the benefits of connecting with others who are navigating the same kind of challenges as you, as much or as little as you want.

As a member you can travel through all that’s available at a pace that’s right for you and join us live every week. The rest of the time, you can ask questions anytime and join in the member chat for peer support and connection.

It’s all virtual and all happening in Loving Difference.

Are you ready to be YOU and flourish?

Join us on the path as soon as you’re ready!

£99/$122 per month with free trial

With love and sparkle..

Natalie and Heather ✨


7 December 2022
7 December