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Good Relationship Test

Starting right now you can end your loneliness and despair.

Take the Test

Answer these 10 questions to find out your Good Relationship Score. Read each question and give it a score from 0 – 10, 0 meaning that you don’t do this at all or it’s as bad as it could be, and 10 meaning that you do this all the time or it’s as good as it could get.

1) I know my capacity and say no easily when I’m maxed out.

2) I know what my needs are and I always take care of those first.

3) I have a very clear identity and don’t change that for anyone else.

4) I work on me and allow my partner to be themselves.

5) I can meet my emotional needs and have friends for support when I need it.

6) I’m well connected to friends and family and have an active social life.

7) I am confident about setting and maintaining healthy boundaries in my relationship.

8) I speak up and express my emotions without fearing the consequences.

9) I enjoy life in the present moment, confident that I can handle anything that might happen.

10) I reach out and take action when my relationship is in crisis.