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It’s Time To BE YOU In Your Neurodiverse Relationship!

Neurodiverse Relationships Coaching

So many who find my website are exhausted and ill (emotionally, mentally and physically) because of who they’ve become in their relationship and in their life. They aren’t who they want to be. Many have forgotten who that is and typically they’re also running out of hope that anything can truly change.

I coach individuals and couples in a neurodiverse relationship to reverse the impact of unknown neurodiversity and thrive so that they can bring to life the person they are and the relationships and life they dream of.

Starting right now you can end your loneliness and despair

Change is possible and I’m here to share it all with you.

  • If you want things to change but it feels impossible, confusing or too hard to start.
  • If you need new ways that you can take action on urgently so that you and your loved ones can move from surviving to thriving; in a way that everyone’s needs, preferences, tolerances and aspirations can be catered for.
  • If you can’t remember who you are; you want to recover and reconnect with yourself, experience more calm and joy in your life and feel empowered to make decisions about your present and your future that feel positive and hopeful.
  • If you’ve read books, watched videos, attended courses and events, learned a lot about neurodiversity and are yet to find the map and ways that work in the actual day to day life and issues you face in your neurodiverse relationship and life.
  • If you’ve tried other forms of support, e.g. counselling, therapy, Facebook groups, peer support groups and yet you’re still struggling with the same old issues, like you’re in a hamster wheel or washing machine cycle you can’t get out of!
  • If you’re working on your challenges and unresolved issues alone, without your partner or other family members alongside you or supportive of change.

….then you’re in the right place! ✨

There’s a different way!

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Here’s how you can access coaching with me and have a different experience ASAP!

I’ve designed and created transformational and surprisingly fun coaching programmes and resources to meet you where you are and support you to change your life. They’re all an invitation to discover more about your situation and yourself so that you can experience a different and better experience as soon as possible. There are different ways for different preferences, different issues, different outcomes and different budgets.

Some of the most common issues I support clients with are:

  • Reviving yourself. Reconnecting with who you are and ‘Being YOU again’ in your relationship and in your life. Reversing the impact of unknown neurodiversity. Reversing the symptoms of Cassandra Syndrome/OTRS.
  • Understanding more clearly what’s been going on in the past and healing past hurts so that you can move forwards with hope, the possibility of a different present and future, and for those with a family, model something healthier for your children.
  • Resolving relationship challenges that often feel like being in a hamster wheel you can’t get out of, e.g. frequent arguments or escalations, issues that go undiscussed and unresolved for years, cycles of meltdowns/shutdowns, communication, disastrous family times together, sensory difference nightmares, feeling ‘alone together’ in the relationship.
  • Answering the ‘Stay or Go?’ question. Many clients want to know they’ve done everything they can for the relationship and I love to support their journey with this question. It’s not as daunting as you imagine with the right support alongside you!

You can work with me privately, as an individual or couple, or you can jump into Coaching in Community, with a lower financial investment and the benefit of travelling with others who are navigating the same challenges as you. You can also combine these – everyone’s situation and needs really are unique and there will be a way forward that’s perfect for you that we can find together in a complimentary call!

Below you’ll find those invitations and answers to the most common questions I’m asked. If you have a different question, get in touch!

I look forward to supporting you in your next right step. You can experience change in less than 10 days from when you begin! I know the hardest step is the first one. I’ll be here to meet you when you’re ready.

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My Coaching Invitations to YOU

Take a look at the invitations below. If you’re unsure or have questions, contact me anytime! I’d love to know what’s most challenging for you right now so I can support your next right step decision.

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100% Focused on YOU! A totally personalised experience leading to more accelerated results. Coaching calls dedicated to resolving what’s most challenging. Private messaging with me throughout your programme.

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Join me online in a positive, change-focused community vibe to meet, recover and thrive alongside others navigating lots of the same challenges as you. You’re free to travel as together or as solo as you choose!

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Common Questions

Is change really possible?

ABSOLUTELY YES! I guarantee that if you’re committed to learn about yourself and learn the strategies, you ask for help and consistently take action, following through on decisions you’ve made, you will succeed.

Did you know you can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it? So let’s create some new realisations about your situation ASAP, the sooner the better! Shining a light on your path and illuminating a new one creates two things – awareness and hope!!

Do you believe change is possible? If your answer is anything less than 10/10 yes, book a call with me so you can find more hope than that!!

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Who do you coach? Do you have LGBTQ+ experience?

I coach ANYONE in a neurodiverse relationship who’s ready and committed to the journey ahead! My passion is supporting you to discover you, be you and then more of you, in a way that also positively supports your experience of relationships with others! If you’re wanting that then I look forward to meeting all of who you are!

I support and embrace all expressions of gender and sexuality and the clients I work with fully reflect that. I’ve coached individuals and couples in gay, straight, queer and polyamorous relationships. What they all have in common is navigating the additional dimension of neurodiversity. LGBTQ+ is an integral dimension of my own lived experience that I’m comfortable sharing with clients.

I know from my lived experience and working with 100+ clients that the impact of unknown neurodiversity (and known) and symptoms that have been named Cassandra Syndrome/OTRS is more widely experienced than stereotypes and current narratives describe. I am committed to highlighting this so that everyone’s experience is validated and people can access the support they need to heal and experience better – for themselves and in their relationships.

If you resonate with my story, with other perspectives you discover here or anywhere else you’ve heard or seen me, get in touch and let’s see how I can support the challenges you’re facing in your neurodiverse relationship.

Can I work with you if my partner doesn’t know or isn’t supportive?

YES! When working with individuals, it is common that their partner doesn’t know or is not supportive of them seeking help. I speak to people in supermarket car parks, at work, even in their garage! Whatever it takes to reach out for the help you need. I’m an email or a phone call away. I also know that change of any kind in that situation can be daunting. You may feel like you’ve already changed so much about yourself and you don’t want to change anything else. I understand this completely as it was me too. With my support, you’ll be focused on reversing the changes you’ve made so that you can be YOU again and thrive!

Can I/we work with you without an official diagnosis?

YES! You don’t need a formal diagnosis of anything to work with me on the challenges you’re facing with difference. You can also work with me if your partner sees the situation differently to you, doesn’t believe you’re in a neurodiverse relationship or doesn’t believe the impact it has had on you.

I’m not in the UK. Can I work with you?

YES! Geography is not a barrier to working with me. I work with clients locally, nationally and internationally from the UK. I hope this client’s feedback reassures you too – “Coaching online was terrific. Natalie’s in the UK and I’m in Australia and it felt as comfortable as being face to face.”

Can I/we afford coaching with you?

YES! To find out more, book a complimentary consultation. It’s an informal, no-obligation 30 minute slot in my diary to explore how coaching with me works, for me to find out more about what difference you need coaching to make and for you to ask any questions at all that you have. I keep discussion of prices for conversations because everyone’s needs and situations are so different. All my coaching programmes include a version of the three steps described here to ensure every client gets the results they need. There’s a programme to suit you, your needs and your budget. Let’s find the programme that’s right for you!

I don’t want anyone to miss out on the potential to heal, grow and connect more deeply with others. If you feel that coaching is something you would benefit from and you imagine finances will be a barrier to you participating fully, please get in touch with me.

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Do you have any free resources?


Remember… Change = Knowledge + Action

Beyond any knowledge or new awareness, it’s action that creates change and for that we typically need some form of support. Research shows that a combination of professional and peer support creates the quickest and most sustainable change – that’s absolutely been my experience too. It’s the reason I’ve combined coaching AND action-focused community in my approach to recovery and thriving in neurodiverse relationships.

On my website you’ll find helpful, healthy and hopeful awareness by:

Beyond my website, there’s FREE Loving Difference membership. It includes Loving Difference Foundations – a sightseeing tour to hope and inspiration for the 10 Biggest Neurodiverse Relationship Challenges and lots more eye-opening and perspective-expanding free resources PLUS on first Tuesday of each month, come and say hello live at our Bring & Share Get Together event – ‘Bring Food, Share the Journey’. Also head over to the Mythbusting Neurodiverse Relationships Podcast, accessible via Spotify, Apple Music or wherever you listen to podcasts and also on YouTube.

Beyond all that awareness… Coaching, whether privately or in community, offers professional support for your life-changing step by step actions to sustainable change that lasts a lifetime!!