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Coaching in Community

Loving Difference

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Coaching in Community clients are supported inside Loving Difference – a safe, hopeful and encouraging online space where you’ll find:

  • Professional coaching, support from others and the most relevant content for what you’re struggling with or resolving, ready to access at any time.
  • A mixture of bite-sized and surprisingly fun resources and fully supported coaching adventures covering all the topics you need to revive and thrive in your neurodiverse relationship
  • A positive, change-focused community vibe to meet and learn alongside others who are navigating lots of the same challenges as you.
  • The ‘Your Path, Your Pace’ coaching approach, enabling you to work on resolving issues and overcoming obstacles on a path that’s unique to you, weaving learning and coaching into the unique set of commitments and responsibilities you have (Your Path) and travel at a pace to suit your needs and preferences and never be behind (Your Pace)

Best of all you can join Coaching in Community anytime! There’s no waiting lists, no hoops to jump through, and there’s no need to wait for the next scheduled programme. I know life isn’t neat and tidy like that! Instead, I’ll meet you where you are, with the biggest challenges you’re facing, and guide and support you from there.

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Browse my Coaching in Community invitations and I’ll see you in the one that suits you best when you’re ready!

Revival Retreat

The Online Journey for a Flourishing Life in Your Neurodiverse Relationship

A fresh and ‘life-changing’ approach to your neurodiverse relationship! Co-hosted with Heather Parks, Revival Retreat is an epic Coaching in Community adventure, inspired by our own experiences of what we needed when we were struggling most in our neurodiverse relationships, having realised the impact of unknown neurodiversity and chronic stress on us and our families. A virtual retreat with the map, the tools and all the support you need to recover, be YOU again and thrive in your relationship and in your life. Join me in the adventure of thriving in my neurodiverse relationship and life.

New perspectives, tools and strategies combined with professional coaching and travel companions who ‘get it’ – all keeping you moving forwards to flourishing – personally, in your relationship and your life. Revival Retreat includes resources to visit at 20 ‘landmarks’ that begin with focus on Wellbeing, Defence Mode, Boundaries and Trust. The map grows as we get to know you and as you grow in awareness and confidence. Revival Retreat has the vibe of community with flexibility to choose your path, your pace and your level of engagement – travel as solo or together as you wish. You can join anytime, wherever you are in your journey. We’ll meet you there and you can start travelling with us.

“Heather and Natalie’s ability to give voice to and formulate the material in a way that resonates so deeply is next level. I feel more like myself for the first time in a long while, thanks in part to an exercise during a Fireside event plus other Revival Retreat explorations.” – Revival Retreat Member

  • Monthly subscription with free trial – £99/$122 per month
  • You’re in control – join when you’re ready, stay as long as you want, come back when you need
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21 Day Quest to Sensory Harmony

Resolving sensory difference nightmares in your neurodiverse relationship

I struggled to find anything to support me with solutions for the many sensory differences I encountered in my neurodiverse relationship. So I created the 21 Day Quest to Sensory Harmony for anyone experiencing sensory difference nightmares in their neurodiverse relationship to reconnect with their own sensory experience and discover new ways to create sensory harmony for themselves and in their relationships. In the Quest, you’ll join others who’ve become Sensory Explorers!

You can discover more about the impact of sensory experience on neurodiverse relationships via this blog post and in this YouTube Playlist I share some Sensory Revelations – a mixture of myth busting, new insights, different perspectives and stories to shed some light on the path you may have been travelling with sensory experience in your neurodiverse relationship.

This Quest is also perfect if you’ve realised you’ve lost touch with what you like, prefer, want, etc and you’d like a way to begin to reconnect with those parts of you.

In less than 21 days, I feel more myself! It’s been a big shift in such a short span of time!” – Sensory Harmony Member

  • One off payment – £49/$59
  • Lifetime access to the content and community for as long as you’re a member of Loving Difference
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Grieving Together

Holding space for the losses experienced in neurodiverse relationships

The initial relief of neurodiversity/neurodivergence discovery, diagnosis, answers and explanations experienced by many can morph into new feelings as awareness grows and you learn more about what has been, what is and begin to predict what you imagine will be. These new feelings can include grief. You may not yet have been able to fully meet the grief you’ve felt since neurodiversity arrived in your story, or you may find yourself spiralling back to it at times. I understand and you’re not alone. I have experienced and still do experience it too.

To support this, I collaborated with Kerry McLeish to create Grieving Together. It’s accessible online and includes recorded video and audio resources, plus some step by steps, to gently surface and process your experience of grief so that you can move forwards.

Read more about Ambiguous Losses in this blog post.

“Grieving Together is such a kind, helpful step by step guide to letting go of all there is still to grieve about.” – Grieving Together Member

  • One off payment – £14.99/$19.99
  • Includes lifetime access because we know that grief revisits as we journey
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Loving Difference Membership

The home of understanding, support, healing and solutions for your neurodiverse relationship

I co-created Loving Difference with Heather Parks, Sara Langdon and Kerry McLeish, also coaches and also navigating neurodiversity in their relationship. We’ve created the kind of community we needed. We meet you wherever you are in the challenges of your neurodiverse relationship journey, with understanding, resources and ways through. For all of us, discovering neurodiversity was like arriving in a new land without a map! Along the way we’ve discovered landmarks and routes that opened up into amazing new landscapes and experiences. That map and those routes continue to support us today .. and we’re still travelling and discovering more at the wild edges and in the depths of the map! We created Loving Difference to share that map and those routes with others who are also landing in neurodiversity without a map. You may have lots of information about where you are, but no map to navigate it any better than before! If that’s you, we hope and trust that the ways we’ve found can inspire and lead you towards a much better experience as soon as possible.

Membership includes Loving Difference Foundations – a sightseeing tour to hope and inspiration for the 10 Biggest Neurodiverse Relationship Challenges and lots more eye-opening and perspective-expanding free resources PLUS on first Tuesday of each month, come and say hello live at our friendly Bring & Share event.

“So glad to finally find somewhere that focuses on the self and the changes we can make without stigmatising or blaming the other” – Loving Difference Member

“Before I joined Loving Difference I felt completely alone in my situation and I already feel more connected. It’s amazing the difference!” – Loving Difference Member

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Common Questions

Is there choice about what currency I pay in?

YES! Use the currency selector at the very top right of each purchase page if you need to change the currency. Currency options typically are GBP, USD, EUR and AUD.

How do monthly subscriptions work?

When you join Revival Retreat on a monthly subscription, you are in complete control of your Plan. As we like to say in Loving Difference – Your Path, Your Pace. Join when you’re ready, stay as long as you want, come back whenever you need.

How can I access coaching with you if I'm struggling financially?

I don’t want anyone to miss out on the potential to heal, grow and connect more deeply with others. If you feel that any of these Coaching in Community invitations are something you would benefit from and finances are a barrier to you participating fully, please get in touch with me for help with that here.