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Private Coaching

Natalie’s Pioneering

Embrace & Thrive Approach

Embrace & Thrive model presented in a circular pie-chart style illustration with EMBRACE surrounding the following components: EMBRACE the reality of neurodiversity, EMBRACE Yourself, EMBRACE your relationships, EMBRACE life


I created the Embrace & Thrive Approach as the foundation of my private coaching programmes. It’s a map for reviving yourself and thriving in your neurodiverse relationship. By truly embracing it, you can ‘embrace yourself, not brace yourself’ in your relationship and in your life. 

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Private Coaching is 100% Focused on YOU! It’s a totally personalised experience leading to more accelerated results.

When your relationship is in crisis it can be hard to reach out and ask for help and support, yet professional help is just a phone call away. Taking action is the first step to getting the relationship you deserve and it couldn’t be simpler to get started.

In just 30 minutes, people come away feeling more empowered, hopeful and surprisingly excited to start their journey ✨

By booking a complimentary consultation with me you can take essential time out to:

  • Talk about your current situation in complete confidence and with no judgement
  • Find out how my pioneering ‘Embrace & Thrive’ approach can dramatically alleviate the stress of a relationship impacted by unknown neurodiversity
  • Decide your next right step that works for you and your family
  • Leave feeling heard and supported.

All private coaching programmes with me include three steps:


Extended coaching session online or in person to express your challenges, clear your thoughts and set confident goals


Follow-up conversations to release your old habits and make the changes you decide


‘Coach In Your Pocket’ support for ongoing motivation leading to real results

Learn More About Natalie’s Embrace & Thrive Approach

I was miserable and lost. Now I'm focused and positive!


Natalie helped me to see things I'd never have become aware of on my own.


Natalie changed my life beyond my wildest expectations!


I've got my sparkle back!


I now know who I am and love who I am. My goal now is to nourish my soul.


Fullness of life is possible and Natalie has helped me to see that.


Ready to turn toes together?

Look where you’re standing right now, move only your toes and change direction a little. When you’ve ‘turned toes’, even slightly, the view ahead will not look exactly the same as before. You don’t have to navigate this journey alone. I’m here every step by step of the way.

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