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Welcome to the Myth Busting Neurodiverse Relationships Podcast, with hosts Natalie Roberts and Heather Parks, busting myths about neurodiverse relationships that we’ve realised aren’t true and that were preventing us from recovering and having the relationships and connection with partners and children that we desperately wanted. We’re here to give you hope that change is possible!

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In this bitesize episode, we challenge the social rules around meal times and explore why they are so challenging for our families. There are so many narratives around family meal times that made us feel that a “good” family should sit around the table together and have quality time when both of us were having very different experiences with our families. It’s not that we didn’t want that for ourselves but the reality was that it wasn’t quality time. It was stressful!

Challenges with food textures; sensory seeking or sensory avoiding behaviours, overwhelm from the day, anxiety around eating in front of people, anxiety around eating at all, social anxiety, communication exhaustion, sound sensitivities around eating noises and/or cutlery scraping the plates, difficulties sitting still…. all this, and more made family mealtimes stressful and exhausting. And we had no idea all this was going on for years. This is the impact of unknown neurodiversity.

Heather still sits in meetings where time is spent pushing families to spend quality time around the table with their neurodivergent loved ones without any consideration as to why they are finding it so difficult. It’s time that we give ourselves permission to make our own rules around meal times. We have and it’s made a big difference to the stress levels in the home.

There is support for you in Loving Difference!

What is Loving Difference?

Loving Difference logoWe’re an online membership community bringing together anyone in a neurodiverse relationship who’s looking for new ways to reverse the impact of unknown neurodiversity and thrive in their relationship and life. Loving Difference is hosted by Coaches with experience navigating life with difference.

We guide members to learn about themselves and their loved ones in a safe, non-judgmental community so that we can inspire and encourage each other to love the unconventional and beautiful differences in ourselves and in our homes.

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Author Natalie Roberts

Natalie Roberts is an award-winning Master Coach and Mentor supporting individuals and couples in neurodiverse relationships in the UK and around the world. She coaches individuals and couples to reverse the impact of unknown neurodiversity and thrive so that they can be true to themselves and feel empowered to make decisions about their present and future that are positive and hopeful.

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