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In this post I’m sharing something that I believe is involved in at least 80% of issues, in some way, in neurodiverse relationships – our sensory experience – our different sensory needs, preferences and tolerances. I’m shining a light on it because it impacts EVERYONE and because there has been so little support out there for this particular aspect of navigating neurodiversity in a relationship.

Help is here and you can be having a different experience with all of this in less than 21 days! Let’s dive in!

Are you experiencing sensory difference nightmares in your neurodiverse relationship?

What about sensory overwhelm or underwhelm from navigating different needs?

Perhaps you’re abandoning your sensory needs and preferences to fit in or make sure others are ok?

Maybe you’ve no idea anymore what your sensory needs or preferences are?

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I experienced ALL of these in my neurodiverse relationship. For fifteen years, I had no idea how significantly our sensory differences were impacting us individually and our relationship/family dynamics.

Some of what may be going on underneath the sensory challenges you’re experiencing:

unknown and differing sensory needs, preferences and tolerances  |  sensory experience invalidation  |  sensory experience triplicity |  sensory preference projection and abandonment  | sensory overwhelm and underwhelm

I struggled to find anything to support me with solutions for the many sensory differences I encountered in my neurodiverse relationship. So I created the 21 Day Quest to Sensory Harmony for anyone experiencing sensory difference nightmares in their neurodiverse relationship to reconnect with their own sensory experience and discover new ways to create sensory harmony for themselves and in their relationships.

“In less than 21 days, I feel more myself! It’s been a big shift in such a short span of time!” – Sensory Harmony Member

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Sensory Harmony in a relationship or family is knowing, believing and catering for yours and others’ sensory tolerances, needs and preferences – it’s like cooking a meal, or a week of meals, in a way that meets everyone’s tastes and dietary needs so people enjoy the experience and aren’t sick after.

In our neurodiverse relationships we’re navigating complex human sensory systems and sensory differences between individuals. Every moment of every day our bodymind is receiving, interpreting and responding to millions of pieces of sensory information, many of which we largely ignore! We may have brought very little attention to our sensory environment and our sensory experience, not realising how much it is impacting our experience and our relationships too.

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I created the 21-Day Quest to Sensory Harmony for you to:

👉 Understand how sensory experience impacts neurodiverse relationships

👉 Discover and begin to harmonise your own sensory experience

👉 Resolve your sensory difference nightmares

If you’d like to discover more about all this, join me in the Sensory Revelations playlist on my YouTube Channel where I reveal more about the hidden impact of sensory experience differences in neurodiverse relationships, some stories from my own experience and what we can do about it.

Beyond that, join the 21 Day Quest to Sensory Harmony – only £49/$59 one-off payment with lifetime access.

You’ll find day by day guidance, light resources and live connection, filled with practical tips and techniques to inspire, encourage and support you to:

  • Know and understand more about 12 sensory systems and how they create the experience you’re having
  • Get to know your own sensory experience better and begin to understand those you love and live with in new ways
  • Feel more confident about meeting your daily, changing sensory needs
  • Harmonise your own sensory environment and experience
  • Experience a healthier response to the sensory input from your surroundings at any given time
  • Have language to fulfil and communicate your sensory needs and preferences
  • Begin to create an environment that meets all the different sensory tolerances, needs and preferences in your home
  • Share ideas and discover new ways to explore and enjoy your sensory experience of life
  • Spread the word about sensory preferences and how they impact neurodiverse relationships

This Quest is not designed to diagnose sensory processing disorder (SPD) and I’m not a specialist or clinician in sensory education and diagnosis. This quest is focused on bringing awareness to your sensory experience so that you can:

  • feel more empowered to create and experience a healthy sensory environment
  • respond in healthy ways to sensory input
  • communicate confidently with others about your sensory tolerances, needs and preferences
  • resolve sensory difference challenges in your neurodiverse relationships.

Bringing attention to this and practicing some new ways to handle this will ensure that you have a better experience and you can bring this understanding into your relationship too… FAST!

Ask me questions anytime via the Contact page on this website.

With love and sensory sparkle…

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Photo credit: Shiva Smyth via Pexels

Natalie Roberts

Author Natalie Roberts

Natalie Roberts is an award-winning Master Coach and Mentor supporting individuals and couples in neurodiverse relationships in the UK and around the world. She coaches individuals and couples to reverse the impact of unknown neurodiversity and thrive so that they can be true to themselves and feel empowered to make decisions about their present and future that are positive and hopeful.

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