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Coaching with

Natalie as an Integrative Practitioner

A whole range of things supported my recovery and flourishing and I reflect this in the way I support clients as an Integrative Practitioner

As your Coach, you’ll experience my full presence and commitment to your goals and the difference you need your investment of time, energy and financial resources to make for you. I’m here to ask powerful questions. Powerful questions are ones that give you a new realisation, something new or different than you know already about what you want to resolve, so that you can make new decisions about it and be supported to follow through on those decisions – often the most challenging part! We’ll make the unknown known and hold space for whatever surfaces. From there, I support you to create clarity and choice so you’re empowered to make new decisions which are right for you.

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At the beginning of my journey, I expected and hoped some new knowledge, a workshop and a few weeks of counselling could sort things out and it didn’t. It’s been a whole range of things that have supported my recovery and flourishing and I reflect this in the way I now support clients too. As an Integrative Practitioner, I combine Coaching with a range of therapies, models, tools and practices to facilitate and support your journey to healing, flourishing, connection and fulfilment.

These include:

  • the sense making of Coaching to surface the root causes of an issue and restore choice to decide a different step ahead
  • the talking and listening of Counselling and beyond that to make sure you can move past being stuck in and going round and round with how it’s been and is now
  • the recognition of CBT that our thoughts influence our behaviour and the revelations of Neuroscience, Polyvagal Theory, Attachment Theory and trauma research (big T and little t trauma) that our needs for safety, love and belonging influence our biology and behaviour too
  • the insights of Psychotherapy to know and understand how individual past experiences are impacting our present and the tools of NLP, Narrative Therapy and Parts Therapy to change the relationship of our past with our present and future
  • the lived experience and wisdom of Guides so that you have a map to follow and the A-B approach of Mentoring to create momentum, sustainable change and a different and better experience ASAP
  • the curiosity of Intersectionality because lots of things, not one thing, play a part in creating and resolving an issue
  • the commitment of Personal Development combined with the vital importance of Rest so that we have sustainable energy to bring more and more of ourselves to life
  • the principles of Mindfulness extended beyond a practice to living more and more of life in the present moment
  • the perennial wisdom of Spirituality to celebrate our uniqueness as individuals and our collaborative power in relationship with others
  • the inspiration of Play and Creativity to conceive original and innovative ways that support healing, change and re-connection.
  • the motivation of Cheerleaders to celebrate all your step by steps!

I look forward to walking the journey together and supporting you with all these varied and liberating ways to heal and grow.

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Natalie is deeply insightful with incredibly helpful solutions to issues commonly affecting neurodiverse relationships and families.

Coaching with Natalie is like having someone on your shoulder guiding you through your thoughts to make sense of things and illuminate the nub of the problem.

Coaching with Natalie is easy and exciting self-discovery. It's brought me back to who I was meant to be.

With Natalie’s support I’ve taken tiny steps along a different path that felt impossible on my own.

Knowing that someone was really there for me at crucial moments saved my sanity on many occasions!

Natalie has a fantastic nack for bringing any situation, however hopeless it’s seems, back to a place that makes sense and a place where it seems possible to move on from.

Coaching online was terrific. Natalie's in the UK and I'm in Australia and it felt as comfortable as being face to face.

Natalie walks with you – to teach, encourage and strengthen you.