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Welcome to the Myth Busting Neurodiverse Relationships Podcast, with hosts Natalie Roberts and Heather Parks, busting myths about neurodiverse relationships that we’ve realised aren’t true and that were preventing us from recovering and having the relationships and connection with partners and children that we desperately wanted. We’re here to give you hope that change is possible!

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Welcome to our conversation about Polyvagal Theory and the impact it has had on our neurodiverse relationships!

Our nervous systems have a huge impacts on our relationship with ourselves, with others and with our environment. Trauma, unmet needs, a lack of belonging or fitting in, as well as many other factors, establish our defensive patterns from childhood. The more we experience life from these defensive states, the harder it is to access a sense of safety where we can be open, curious, creative and connected.

The amazing thing is that we can, with practice, learn ways to shift our state and to interrupt those defensive patterns which no longer serve us. If we can become more regulated, less defensive and more self-aware, we will give out more clues of safety. This in turn can influence the state of others through the process of co-regulation.

Doing our own nervous system work can therefore help those around us. And, ultimately, we benefit from our loved ones being able to access a safe and connected state. It’s a WIN WIN!

So grab a cuppa and settle in to this episode of LDTV where we discuss the following:

  • What is Polyvagal Theory and why is it relevant in our neurodiverse relationships?
  • What are the different pathways of the nervous system?
  • What do we mean by a “defensive state” and “defence mode”?
  • What is neuroception and why is it important?
  • How can we use this awareness to bring greater understanding, empathy and connection to our relationships?
  • How can we start to build in more capacity so that we are less likely to be reacting from a defensive state?
  • How can we reflect, repair and reconnect if our defences take over in the moment?
  • How can we use this knowledge to create safety around everyday life and events that challenge us or/and our partners and/or children?

Join us in Loving Difference where we support the recovery many of us need from the relentless stress we experience in our lives so that we can begin to cultivate healthy resilience.

What is Loving Difference?

Loving Difference logoWe’re an online membership community bringing together anyone in a neurodiverse relationship who’s looking for new ways to reverse the impact of unknown neurodiversity and thrive in their relationship and life. Loving Difference is hosted by Coaches with experience navigating life with difference.

We guide members to learn about themselves and their loved ones in a safe, non-judgmental community so that we can inspire and encourage each other to love the unconventional and beautiful differences in ourselves and in our homes.

Lots of love,

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Natalie Roberts

Author Natalie Roberts

Natalie Roberts is an award-winning Master Coach and Mentor supporting individuals and couples in neurodiverse relationships in the UK and around the world. She coaches individuals and couples to reverse the impact of unknown neurodiversity and thrive so that they can be true to themselves and feel empowered to make decisions about their present and future that are positive and hopeful.

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