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I’m wondering…

Has going out with friends become a nightmare?

It doesn’t happen overnight but slowly you see people less.

‘You’re always going out’ …when it felt like I was hardly out at all.

My partner rarely goes out. So my going out was always going to look more frequent. My partner asked questions and made comments that made me feel bad for going out… things like ‘Don’t you want to spend time with me?’, ‘ You’ve been out a lot already this week’ and ‘I’ve just got home from work and now you’re going out’ are the first that spring to mind.

I felt like my ‘going out’ was under scrutiny. I remember lots of times trying to explain why I wanted to go out. My partner’s responses were persistent and made me question my motives. I paid more attention to what my partner said than my own needs.

Now I know that he doesn’t need social interaction like I do. He knows that I need a lot of it. His logic was that, as it was something he hated to do, I must hate it too but I do it anyway rather than spend more time with him! He couldn’t see that we felt emotionally different about the same situation. What a realisation that was!

My partner still thinks I go out a lot… now I say ‘yes!’ and don’t worry about it. It’s taken time for him to get used to it and now he no longer has questions and comments. I know that I am better with him and with my family when I’ve been out with friends. Since the social interaction levels are lower than average in our house, I actually go out more and away more now to make sure I get enough!

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With love and sparkle…

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Natalie Roberts

Author Natalie Roberts

Natalie Roberts is an award-winning Master Coach and Mentor supporting individuals and couples in neurodiverse relationships in the UK and around the world. She coaches individuals and couples to reverse the impact of unknown neurodiversity and thrive so that they can be true to themselves and feel empowered to make decisions about their present and future that are positive and hopeful.

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