Does Your Partner Have Asperger’s?
Turn a Problematic Relationship Back Into a Precious One

Are you scared to make any changes? Do you spend your life walking on eggshells? Do you feel desperately resentful and misunderstood? Have you become disconnected from friends and family? Are you increasingly questioning your own sanity? If all this sounds scarily familiar, then do something for yourself… right now!

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Natalie Roberts
Starting right now you can end your loneliness and despair

Natalie’s Pioneering ‘Embrace & Thrive’ Approach

Natalie uses the Embrace & Thrive Approach with you, and by truly embracing it, you’ll ‘embrace yourself, not brace yourself’ in your relationship and in your life.


Step 1 Initial ½ day session online or in person to express your challenges, clear your thoughts and set confident goals


Step 2: Further sessions to release your old habits and make the changes you decide


Step 3: Ongoing ‘Coach In Your Pocket’ support for 24/7 motivation leading to real results


Who is Natalie Roberts?

Natalie is a Professional Coach and Mentor working with people, whose partner has Asperger’s, to survive and thrive in their relationship. She has been coaching and mentoring in self-development for more than 15 years, and is an Accredited Master Coach.

She has a degree in Anthropology and a Diploma in Theology and Ministry (specialising in wellbeing, recovery and mutual support). Her knowledge and expertise also extends to neurodiversity, autism, sensory issues, wellbeing, healing, recovery, culture, communication, behaviour, language, relationships and soul work, all of which enhance how she works with clients.

Natalie has been with her husband for more than 20 years. She is Mum to a step-son and two daughters. Asperger’s arrived in Natalie’s story in 2014. The journey after her husband’s diagnosis felt like a rollercoaster where most of the rulebooks on life and love she thought she knew were reviewed and, for the most part, ripped up and thrown away. She charted a new course, one that put self-care and wholehearted living at the top of the to-do list. Now Natalie uses her expertise to help others navigate this unexpected journey so they can realise their true potential and their deepest desires.

Natalie Roberts

5-Star Reviews for Natalie’s Relationship Coaching

Who Natalie Works With

Natalie Roberts

Natalie works with people, whose partner has Asperger’s, to survive and thrive in their relationship.

In a conversational, relaxed and non-judgemental environment, coaching creates clarity about the situation or issues you are facing. With new perspectives and realisations, coaching empowers you to make new decisions that you act on to recover yourself and improve your relationship and family life.

“When we work together, in person or virtually, you’ll understand where things are going wrong and exactly what you need to do to put things right. You’ll feel motivated and supported to make the changes that will end your loneliness and despair.

Starting right now, it’s time to be YOU again!”

The 10 Unhealthy Habits That Hold You Back When Your Partner Has Asperger's

Discover The Top 10 Unhealthy Habits That Hold You Back When Your Partner Has Asperger’s.

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